1. Lowers cholesterol

2. Increases metabolism

3. Reduces Sepsis ( abnormal immune response to a bacterial infection)

4. Contains Anti-oxidants; polyphenols including ECGC.

5. Boosts Immune system

6. Fights Fatigue

7. Reduces Blood Pressure

These are just 7 health benefits that tea provides, with new research new discoveries are made about the health benefits of tea (especially white and green tea).

Tea contains antioxidant agents called polyphenols, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is one of the most potent antioxidants and is the one that most contributes to the health benefits of tea.  According to the numerous studies polyphenols in tea may help protect the body from cancer by destroying free radicals, protect the heart by lowering cholesterol and improving lipid metabolism, boost the immune system and have significant anti-bacterial effects.

Green and Black tea both come from a plant leaf of, Camellia sinensis. However black tea undergoes oxidation that darkens the leaves, changes their flavor, and lessens the amount of polyphenol. Since black tea contains less antioxidant activity than green tea it does not provide as much of the health benefits that green tea does.  The tea that contains the highest amount of antioxidants is white tea, it is the least processed tea, however, it is more delicate and harder to handle, making it more expensive.

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