It is important that your child finds out about cigarettes from you and not his/her buddy who thinks it’s cool.  If you feel like this is a good time to have a conversation with your son or daughter about cigarettes, you may find this interactive website quite useful and fun for both of you.

cleanteeth1 . It provides you with an interactive game/education tool.  Its target group ranges from elementary school to high school. Hey! Even adults can learn from it   If you suspect that your kid is starting to smoke or is old enough to be persuaded into smoking, check out my favorite part, when Mouthy starts smoking.  Click on tobacco section of the game, and watch what happens to his teeth and the rest of the mouth.  Don’t forget to see the list of chemicals that goes into tobacco.

Something to think about; Formaldehyde, substance in tobacco, is what  cadavers  are covered in for preservation.

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